Magswitch is a technology that allows a permanent magnet to be turned on and off mechanically like an electromagnet but with no need for ongoing power to sustain a strong magnetic field. Like no other Magswitch is super strong for its size exhibiting up to 5 times the power of other magnet systems.

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On/Off Hand Magnet


No more picking up sharp or hot steel with your hands

• Complete ON/OFF Magswitch magnet control

• Safely pick up hot, sharp or dirty steel

• More powerful - better resistance to pry off

• Ideal for removing small parts from a cutting table

• Increased efficiency for faster and safer picks

• Fast pick up and transport of small steel loads

• Add safety and convenience to every workstation

• Pick, place, slide and position steel without using your fingers

• One-handed operation for harder to reach parts

• Ideal for small steel handling, dragging sheet, picking, placing and pulling parts out of burn table or handling scrap

235 Fixed

Weight: 0.7kg
Max Magnetic Force 106kgf
Measurement127L x 76.5W x 105.1H

400 Fixed

Weight: 1.1kg
Max Magnetic Force 181kgf
Measurement123.7L x 121.0W x 127H

235 Dual

Weight: 1.9kg
Max Magnetic Force 213kgf
Measurement557.5L x 132.8W x 111.4H

400 Dual

Weight: 2.7kg
Max Magnetic Force 363kgf
Measurement540.9L x 133.1W x 133.3H


Weight: 0.7kg
Max Magnetic Force 106kgf
Measurement134.3L x 120W x 145.1H


Weight: 1.8kg
Max Magnetic Force 240kgf
Measurement136L x 52W x 180H


Weight: 2.8kg
Max Magnetic Force 280kgf
Measurement350L x 90W x 110H


Weight: 1.2kg
Max Magnetic Force 140kgf
Measurement230L x 140W x 133H


Weight: 2.4kg
Max Magnetic Force 240kgf
Measurement117L x 100W x 724H


Weight: 3.3kg
Max Magnetic Force 240kgf
Measurement78L x 115W x 860H