Magswitch is a technology that allows a permanent magnet to be turned on and off mechanically like an electromagnet but with no need for ongoing power to sustain a strong magnetic field. Like no other Magswitch is super strong for its size exhibiting up to 5 times the power of other magnet systems.

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Magswitch Alignment, Holding and Lifting Magnet

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Buttweld Magnet 500kg to 6ton

Alignment Magnets for plate to plate.

Gap Magnet 500kg to 6ton

Alignment Magnet for Stiffener and plate.

90 Degree Magnet

Alignment Magnet at 90Degree Angle.

Manual Hand Magnet

Prevention of finger and cutting injury.

T-BAR Setup Guide & Guide piece

Alignment for Longi, T-bar and Bulb plate.

Magnet Hook

On/Off Magnetic Hook for Hanging Equipment.

Single Type Magnet

Magnet for Jig and Fabrication.

Angle Magnet

Fix Angle Magnet for Fabrication.

Pusher Magnet

Alignment for T-bar Stiffner without temporart tack welding.

Earth Magnet

On/Off Earh Magnet for Welding.

Magnetic Wheel

On/Off Magnetic Wheel for Painting or Fixture on robot inpection.

Marine Magnet

On/Off Marine Magnet for underwater work or exploration.