Screw clamp for hanging the hook of a lever block when building vessels and manufacturing(attachment and press) construction plants and also for horizontal lifting during the press process.

NPC-NT Screw Clamp

· How to use

Insert a steel plate into the inside end of the clamp's jaw opening and then completely tighten the screw.

· Application

A screw clamp for hanging the hook of a lever block when building vessels and manufacturing(attaching) construction plants.

· Features

The NPC-NT is a screw clamp used to prevent accidents caused by the widening, slipping or breakage of the hook because the load is concentrated at the end of the hook when hanging the hook of a lever block and a chain block directly on a work piece.

The NPC-NT is an efficient clamp which has two shackles enabling two types of work at the same time: up-down vertical work and lateral pulling. While one shackle at the top rotate 360° right and left, the other shackle at the back does lateral pulling.

· Warning

Do not exceed the rated capacity specified on the clamp.

Use a work piece only which falls within the jaw opening range specified in the instruction manual.

If the load is placed laterally, not straightly, on the eye hole, use only 1/2 of the rated capacity.

Never vertically erect a work piece with this model.


WLL(TON) Jaw Opening A B C D1 D2 E F G I øJ K Weight (Kg)
1.5 0-25 35 85 258 21 38 17 210 38 16 25 44 5.1
3 0-35 45 100 304 27 38 20 243 45 20 30 54 8.1