Screw clamp for hanging the hook of a lever block when building vessels and manufacturing(attachment and press) construction plants and also for horizontal lifting during the press process.

NPC-W Screw Clamp

· How to use

Put an anti-deformation standard beam on the top of tack-welded ship frames or of H-shaped beams and then clamp the top and bottom flanges with the NPC-W.

· Application

A clamp used to prevent a ship frame and H-beam for construction from being deformed by the welding heat.

· Features

A C-type screw clamp with the swivel jaw at the bottom of the clamp and the screw at the top.

Depending on purposes, the NPC-W can be customized to have a screw attached to the bottom of the jaw opening in place of the swivel jaw.

· Warning

Do not exceed the rated capacity specified on the clamp.

Do not exceed the rated capacity specified on the clamp.

Use a work piece only which falls within the jaw opening range specified in the instruction manual.

If after the completion of the work, removing the clamp is not easy due to the external force(deformation) of a work piece, use a long spanner or hammer wrench.

Do not lift work pieces with the NPC-W


WLL(TON) Jaw Opening A B C D1 D2 E F øG I øJ K Weight (Kg)
3 0-55 55 50 176 25 52 88 165 20 23 30 48 5.5