Screw clamp for hanging the hook of a lever block when building vessels and manufacturing(attachment and press) construction plants and also for horizontal lifting during the press process.

NPP-A Ratchet Press

· Application

A ratchet press used instead of a jig when attaching L- and T-sections (frames) to the outer plating, the inner plating and the deck of a ship.

· Features

A ratchet press designed to be suitable for attaching another frame by hanging the NPP-A on the already welded low frame.

The NPP-A is designed not to be pushed due to the swivel jaw assembled to the end part of the screw when operating the handle.

The NPP-A can be customized according to the width and height of section steel.

How to Use

After inserting the press jaw opening into the end part of the section steel flange, push up or down the pawl according to purposes and then operate the handle.

· Warning

Do not exceed the rated capacity specified on the ratchet press. Use a work piece only which falls within the working length range specified in the instruction manual.

Before use, always check the rotating condition of the jaw and the screw, and the grease injection condition.

Store the NPP-A in a dry place with no water or moisture to prevent it from being rusty.