Screw clamp for hanging the hook of a lever block when building vessels and manufacturing(attachment and press) construction plants and also for horizontal lifting during the press process.

NPR-KB Ratchet Pusher

· Application

A ratchet pusher to use in assembling thin steel keel blocks in ship assembly shops. The NPR-KB is for adjusting horizontality of the inner plating arranged on a flat plate(worktable) or adjusting the interval of frames .

· Features

One worker alone can quickly and accurately perform the horizontal and vertical work due to the magnetic force of the magnet attached to the one end part of the pusher.

The stopper type has the built-in pin to prevent the screw from completely coming out of the pipe.

How to Use

After setting the ratchet pusher between frames to be tack welded and tack welded frames(L- and T- sections), operate the handle.

· Warning

Do not exceed the rated capacity specified on the ratchet pusher.

Be careful that the pusher can slip when the erected angle of the inner plating or the frame is more or less than 90°.