Magswitch is a technology that allows a permanent magnet to be turned on and off mechanically like an electromagnet but with no need for ongoing power to sustain a strong magnetic field. Like no other Magswitch is super strong for its size exhibiting up to 5 times the power of other magnet systems.

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Butt Joint Alignment Tool (WLA Series)

Easy adjustment of the butt welds.
Improve work efficiency and quality by minimizing temporary tack welding and grinding.

WLA-500 (Lever Type)

Weight: 5.9kg
Max Magnetic Force 500kgf
Measurement108L x 72W x 76H
Thickness10mm Thickness and below

WLA-800(Lever Type)

Weight: 9.5kg
Max Magnetic Force 800kgf
Thickness12mm Thickness and below

WLA-500(Ratchet Type)

Weight: 6.9kg
Max Magnetic Force 530kgf
Measurement340L x 100W x 275H
Thickness10mm Thickness and below

WLA-1000 (Ratchet Type)

Weight: 13.5kg
Max Magnetic Force 1,000kgf
Measurement300L x 280W x 268H
Thickness20mm Thickness and below

WLA-2200 (Ratchet Type)

Weight: 31.5kg
Max Magnetic Force 2,000kgf
Measurement500L x 400W x 800H
Thickness approx 22mm Thickness and below

WLA-3000/WLA-4000(Hydraulic Type)

Weight: 50kg
Max Magnetic Force 3,000kgf
Measurement550L x 540W x 880H
Thickness approx 30mm Thickness and below
Weight: 60kg
Max Magnetic Force 4,000kgf
Measurement650L x 520W x 880H
Thickness approx 40mm Thickness and below